Boscoin a top 100 coin?


Bos is not far off the top 100 (currently 106)
This will be great for our project as it will bring us more exposure
Keeping the champagne on ice ready to celebrate!


Don’t forget that caviar and canapés to go with it :slight_smile:


its fallen back to the 160s now :frowning:
the daily bos/btc daily chart doesn’t look too bad though
hoping we’ll see a few green days


Once our common budget starts being spent on different proposals after MainNet launches with Stardaq and Delicracy we will start rocketing up the top 100 chart, especially once the White Paper 2.0 has been released and applications like BOSolar are revealed.
TokenNet was only ever put into place so people could trade and by then nodes if they miss out on the ICO so don’t be disheartened too much.