BOScoin, a block-chain company builds a global community network


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A blockchain enterprise blockchainOS (CEO Kim In-hwan), who completed the first coin-offering for ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in Korea, successfully held a global community meetup event in Seoul on October 28th.

The event was held to build a global community of BOScoin people and was attended by representatives from each continent, including the United States, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. At the event, the blockchainOS shared its vision and time to explore BOScoin’s global expansion strategy.

Kim In-hwan of blockchainOS explained, “This event is a place to build a global network ahead of the issuance of the tokens, which are scheduled for October.”

The development of the BOScoin token is now in its final stages and focuses on the final tests to enhance security. Once the tokens are officially released, BOScoin holders will be able to trade at home and abroad. Although various ICOs have been in progress in Korea recently, it is the only one in the country that has the actual coin release in the foreground based on the global community.

BOScoin uses a consensus algorithm called mFBA (modified Federated Byzantine Agreement), which has a unique device called quorum. Quorum is a device for securing the security of a blockchain. It refers to a way in which reliable nodes join a blockchain algorithm by forming a small group. Thanks to this quorum, the BOScoin can have high reliability.

BlockchainOS was the first in Korea to run a cryptographic fundraiser in May, and raised all 6902 bitcoin in 17 hours.
BOScoin has received the industry’s attention as a third-generation cryptography with the concept of ‘Trust Contracts’, which can utilize smart contract functions in a common language.

Choi Chae-joon, chief of the blockchainOS, said, "To use the block chain in everyday life, it is necessary to develop a secure program to prevent incidents such as the DAO incident in which the Ethereum project was hacked. It should be easy to create and use. " BOScoin’s trust contracts is a project that can satisfy both of these.

BOScoin has developed a parliament model that allows BOScoin owners to participate in the decision-making process. This is because there is no coordination between the participants, and a device to prevent the split of two or three passwords is prepared.


This was a great meetup, and meeting the entire BOScoin team was really great. I actually started working for the company after interviewing during this event, so I’m glad I could make the event. Great people, and even better project!!