BOS Newsletter - January 2nd, 2018


BOScoin Newsletter — Jan. 2nd, 2018

Welcome everyone to the year 2018 and the year of the Dog!
We hope that everything works out for you and your family this year!
We have an exciting year ahead of us and hope BOScoin also be part of your success.

Community Management Updates
We are no longer supporting telegram. This includes the unofficial English channels, as well as unofficial Korean channels. The only telegram channel we are supporting as of now is the official Korean channel and the title reads [보스코인 한글 공식 채팅방]. Mind you, the BOS Platform Foundation does not engage in any social networking activities through KakaoTalk, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Youtube. If you see an ID saying BOS Platform Foundation, especially in Korean, just ignore. We are well aware of the situation and have sent out warnings. Legal action will follow.
If you have a question for BOS core team then you need to email, or post a topic in the official forum at We recommend you send an email if your request contains sensitive information, but if your question would benefit the community with a public answer then by all means post a topic in the forum, and we will respond to your question.

Conference and Meetups
We will be attending the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas, Texas and our CTO Yezune Choi is one of the headline speakers. You can check out the details in their website

Yezune(CTO) will be briefly speaking about a new aspect of the BOS Platform. We will also be having a booth so If you are in the vicinity, come by and hit us up:) The conference will be held in February 16~18th but if you can’t make it to the conference, we will also be having a Meetup in the evening. The following is the Meetup schedule for the next couple of months.

  • Geneva, Switzerland Meetup Jan. 23rd (Tuesday)
  • Seoul, Korea Meetup Jan. 26th (Friday)
  • Dallas, Texas Meetup Feb. 17th (Saturday)
  • Bay Area, California Meetup Feb. 20th (Tuesday)

The exact time and venue needs to be confirmed and will be announced at a later date. Please note that these dates may be subject to change.

2018.01.02 뉴스레터 한글 요약

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