BOS Newsletter- BOScoin and its Casual MEETUP in PRAGUE


-We’re here to help. If you are experiencing any difficulties with KYC, please reach out to our KYC Support.
-GT coin market opened through GDAC Exchange. You can make BOScoin transactions, and fees can be paid with GT at a discounted promo rate.
-We are happy to announce that LATOKEN will soon re-open the listing for BOScoin !
-Your Vote, Your Voice! We wanted to give our Congress Members a safe space to freely express their thoughts (beyond Telegram, of course). Our sole motivation in opening up a new forum was to give our Congress Voter Members a platform to discuss in-depth conversations prior to the 1 Vote for any proposals to a point of satisfaction where you are confident to have made the right vote. Hence, you guessed it…only available to our Congress Voter Members. It’s on the brink of opening, so stay tuned!
-Casual Meetup at cafe Decada, accepting BOS for coffee and pastries.
Jan 26, 2019 at 18:30pm
Prague, Czech Republic
Feel free to telegram Prokop, our Czech Community Manager-