Bos Marketcap-- Can we update?


Yeah would love to see this happen, been waiting for it to update.


It’s already been submitted. It takes about a week to get updated.


Thanks Scott! Hopefully they’ll update soon.


It’s. Been almost four weeks, why aren’t they updating the marketcap???


It’s very important to see us on 1st page of This site is ranked #180 and 350 million visitors/day and growing 30+% every month.


Seems par for the course for things to take forever to happen.


any update on this?
i feel this is very important for getting boscoin on the crypto map


I think its related to trading volumen. Daily trading volumen is still below 1 Mio so Coinmarketgap wont show it.
E.g. Credits ( has >5 Mio trading volumen and the market gap was listed within a few days.


Not true some coins with very low volume showing it


we really need this info to show up on coinmarketcap


It is time to solve this question.
Do your best with coinmarketcap


I’m contacting them twice a day with everything they’ve requested and won’t respond to my emails or form submissions. so be patent while we work with these websites. we don’t control what they do and are doing our part


thanks for the update!


CoinMarketCap wait for a website able to give us IN REAL TIME the circulating supply.
No update without this information…


Всем привет. На сайте биржи BINANCE в графе инфо BOScoin стоит на позиции №125. Ваши мысли? Скоро листинг?


Hey Scott was good talking with you at the Dallas Bitcoin conference. In regards to the market cap have you tried to reach out to ?
Maybe their communication is better that coinmarketcap… But I figure that if one site were to add the correct info then the other would soon follow suit.



I did already and i’m waiting for them also to update


Marketcap updated here


Circulating supply is a manual entry, coinmarketcap want a real time circulating supply.