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Additional wallets will come after mainNet, like hardware wallets and other third party wallets.


I am sure, but is there any way we can make an updatalbe visual or landing page or a seperate tab for this information. I mean you say that all comes after mainnet, but the talks and negotiations should have started already you don’t wait to after mainnet goes live to discuss term. That way when mainnet goes live the dev team need only do integrations. But we still should have actually a need to show all of this information, whats in progress, whats been delayed, whats on target. That shows status of all areas including but not limited to, Infrastructure, Promotion/Event for marketing, Wallets, Exchanges. Do we have to wait for nodes to be up and running for something like this? I feel that if we wait we will be way behind of our competition. When mainnet goes live we should have as most if not all of our community infrastructure in place. (of course we can change or modify anything we set in place. But when mainnet goes live it would be nice to have all of this data in one place so our community and anyone wanting to join our community can go to one place and get all the information they need. It would also be helpful for me and other community members to have this information in one place so we can market and show whats all has been completed in one place ane what the team is working or whats been completed or delayed and a reason why it has been delayed. I have a great example it is in btcz which is like bitcoin private before bitcoin private. Anyhow if you go to there website which is and click on the latest news button (I am provided a direct link in my earlier post to the info page but many of you wont want to click it as I would be warey of any links ) Go to the page via the bitcoin Z web page. I would like BOScoin to do this it could be on the community level but we would need dev team cooperation as we will need to get information from them. @scott I really think this would be beneficial to the growth and stability of our community and this project.


A way to really show on what, the team is working, is this page :