BOS Community Strength


Dear Fellow Community members,

Community is what is most important. Tech anybody can fork ( in blockchain competition is a fork away) and get going as it is open source. Any project that has done well in crypto space is because of community growth. simple example: LTC . purely community growth… I can name many many examples… I am sure, many of you are aware of this.

Community growth, we should really focus on BosCoin. let us see how we can make this happen. if day by day, we don’t grow our community in big way. we would be sidelined, the boscoin prices are now half from the launch in Kucoin… the only metric we can show and grow is community, that is in our hands. We need to strengthen Boscoin team and Scott… Let us give them a hand and grow together.

Any ideas welcome to make this happen



I think that a largest official Telegram group can be really good for this. And made virals what we can share in anothers crypto communitys.


Yes, totally agreed. we need to check with Scott if we have something like that


there are no plans to support telegram.


Hi Scott,any Particular reason why not Telegram…


I think the purpose is to focus all the social part to a single central forum of boscoin and to facilitate the information and the work of the managers, in my opinion. but if then people create telegrams to expand the opinion perffecto.


I agree and but I feel that growing our community falls under the spectrum of the overall marketing plan. I would like to brag about hitting project milestones on the road map Such as M3 mainnet going live or as the team completes and test each sub portion of M3. This gives us something to put out into the market about how the project is progressing. (Just a thought)

Here are a couple other ideas

What if we hit all the other communities we are members with a flyer about BOScoin with a few bullet points that make it great and a few of the upcoming things from the road map.

Can we get an article to be written about the project and it features written by a respected crypto news outlet or blogger

Hire a promoter or publisist, even better get a community member that is also a promoter to promote us

Support differences in community members.


Hello Israel, sure, forum facilitation is a good goal.

Here few thoughts - there are two dimensions of information exchange.

A) from external to internal ( which is like Forum, get the feedback, channel into managers and product improves, communication improves etc).
B). from internal to external & expand the horizons of reach ( which is like telegram, twitter, cross promotion platforms etc.)

I believe A) is going very well. but B) we have to improve a bit more. for example EoS or for that matter Poly or TRX or ADA, they are all doing an amazing job even if they are pre mainnet like us.

A and B if done in tandem, could value to each other in amazing ways


I feel BOScoin is focusing on building a platform and token that has real world uses like BOSolar, Delicracy and Stardaq, not just a pump and dump, their email newsletters and medium articles are their educational platforms and Slack is just a place for BOScoin investors and token holders to communicate.
I feel like people’s main reason for wanting to go to telegram is because a lot of crypto investors use it, I once had someone state their main reason for wanting to go there was because a certain coin had 80,000 followers, I think if we build a great platform and MainNet launches well then people will gravitate to us, I don’t think we should chase followers the saying goes build it and they will come.


I could agree with you on the philosophical aspect and if it was a non-decentralized business I would even agree fully. In practice the decentralized networks works based on power of communities. building community is equally important as building use cases. there are very solutions and use cases which have died or ceased to exist without stronger community ( investors are very strong part of community) and without them even the whole thing would not have started or existed:-)) I love boscoin for the trust contracts but community building is very very key ( at least equal if not more like building use cases)… My few cents to add to building Boscoin


Thanks to share your thought :slight_smile: !
The coin will be decentralized at the moment we would be able to run a node … not before…
Congress Member (node holder) will be the voice and head of Boscoin …
We will be a platform and not just a coin, you have trust contract, but mix it with node rewards and common budget attribution and you got a really original project :slight_smile: !
It is just my opinion but… i think South Koreans are not very good with communication about something happenning :wink: !
Looks like they are much more confortable to promote something that they can show and touch :wink: !
I do not know if it is something particular for all Koreans project but i really


Lovely cultural perspective, thanks for that. I totally see the same way, It is a cultural thing. They are under marketed if you apply western scale. I would suggest a balance way for community building, where we start a telegram and let that organically grow and then after main net, it can really take off. By the way, would you let me know any other Korean projects which are in crypto space to see the parallels… thanks


you can check Iconx !


Thank you, yes I had invested in ICX


@Chef_Bedo you are right those are important goals and that is up to the development team and the People who have frozen at least 4 units. Until mainnet is live we don’t have a way to vote on new projects and I look forward to voting and adding new projects as that too will help the community and network flourish. But we need to attract more new people into our community. As in order to add projects we need to have a community that is diverse so we can come up with great ideas that you or I couln’t come up with as the best solutions come from a diverse population as different perspectives produce different Ideas and solutions. @decidersmind


I can see both of your points @decidersmind and @bdfulker2 and I personally think having an official BOScoin telegram would be beneficial but at the end of the day that is for the team to decide and they have made their decision that they will not be supporting it so I guess they will own whatever the outcome bears


Hello Everyone, we have all been talking about community, and information. We all have had differences on how this should be done. There is another project that I like who has put it all together in a format thats easy to access and see. It is both about community and information on where the project stands in all forms. It show the process of upcoming wallet integrations and votes on all wallet integration. It also has all exchanges they want integration in and the cost of what is needed to make it happen. It also has community events and upcoming lotteries and promotions. It has everything from infrastructure to marketing campaigns that are complete, ongoing, and upcoming. It is easy to understand and clear to me this structure could be mimiced to take what we like and improve. Here is the link to this site.
@scott what are your thoughts is this something we can implement?? @decidersmind @Chef_Bedo @ISRAEL_JIMENEZ_SANZ @bulalex16 @BosGirl @Heru What do you guys think???


As I believe, the sale of a large number of coins by investors (the departure of investors from Boscoin), and with it the fall in the price of a coin, is mainly due to lack of information. In order to stop this, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. On the main page of the site bosс add the section “NEWS” (section Latest News does not give all the news and is late). In this section, you should indicate all the latest news from BosCoin. Currently, all the news comes to the e-mail once a week to those who made a subscription for news. In addition, the news appears on the pages of social networks, on the page, on Thus, if a new investor wants to know the news of Boscoin, then he needs to make efforts to find them. All the old investors already know where to find the latest BosCoin news, but also need to look through a lot of resources. New investors who buy Boscoin coins do not receive the necessary information because they can not find it. And, for example, seeing that the price on the stock exchange is falling, they are panicking and selling their coins, which only accelerates the drop in the price of the coin. Going to the official site of, new investors will be able to see the “NEWS” section. In this section, it is not at all necessary to present complete news. Each new news and every new video can be made an announcement, along with which to provide links to resources in which you can fully read this news. It would be very good if in the “NEWS” section interviews with leading specialists were published, in which they would briefly talk about what they did and what they will do in the near future (publications at least once every few days).
  2. There is almost no information on the Internet about BosCoin and its coins. Need advertising for the image, for example, google-advertising. This will attract the attention of new investors.
  3. Advertising is necessary on such well-known resources as, for example,, and others, which provide information on crypto-currencies. Soon, BosCoin will launch a platform for P2P exchange. The announcement of the launch of the P2P exchange platform could be a very good advertisement for BosCoin.
    These proposals are my own and I have not borrowed them from anywhere. I will definitely study the resource and if I have any suggestion, I will write it here.


@bulalex16 Your not saying anything new. I have been saying this for a while, but so have many other in the community. I included many of the people who have also been out spoken and are looking to move things in a positive diriection. I have been saying advertisement and marketing are on key part of any community. But from my experience and feed back from my past attempts to discuss it. I can tell you that many people don’t want advertising on coin marketcap or whattomine. Some people find it to be cheap and think of that coin in a negative light. But we need to grow the community and market in a way that isn’t “CHEAP”. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I will folllow and help to grow the communinty in which ever direction that is. I would like all the components in one place. Thats what the forum is supposed to be. @bulalex16 did you follow the link that I asked you opinion on? Becuase I didn’t hear your thoughts on how they set up all the community information including marketing and all the things you just said. I feel that the way BTCZ has the info page set up is a decent format and I think we could benefit from from setting it up similar to this. @scott Has the develpment team been working on getting BOS into third party wallets like coinomi, electrum or any other?


@bdfulker2 Hello

It would be good if you work as a community manager and communications manager un BOScoin

You see that you have talent.