BOS coin bounty seems to be scam


Hi, I registered for the bounty campaign and shared all my details many times on telegram and followed all steps but till date nobody even bother to reply…can anyone tell me was it a scam and how many of you are facing this same issue.


Hello @subhani.01. Many people have claimed their BOS and received it without any issue, so rest assured this is no scam.

I assume you have followed the provided instructions to claim your bounty? If you have followed them correctly and still haven’t received any feedback, then please check your wallet account balance through this tool.

At some point there have been issues with confirmation mails not being delivered, so you might have never received any feedback at all while you did receive your BOS. If the tool indicates that you haven’t received your BOS yet, then please get in touch with the team through


Atlast someone bothered to reply…i would have not posted this on website if any member of your team has bothered to reply to clients…!! Anyways, the tool link you gave above says “Unfortunately you have not received”

And as far as your claim that many people have received is your claim, for the record the customer service and the result of checking tool clearly shows that you guyz would have not transferred tokens to many other users as well otherwise i would have not come this far to invest time and send you these long messages. And last thing, i am well educated (Master degree holder) so i know how to follow instructions and followed all properly and still didn’t get the promised tokens…!!

Do you have any answer to this now???


Sorry for the inconveniences. As I said, at some point in time there have been some issues with confirmation / error mails not being delivered properly, so the team might have very well answered to your inquiry, but the mail might have never been delivered. I suggest you get in touch (again) with the team through so they assist you further with exact details.

If you want to get an overview of the distribution and supply spread within the network, you can check this tool. As you can see, over 400 million BOS out of 500 million have already been distributed, so the team has been distributing on a frequent basis over the past few months.


I already contacted your team many times, let try again…i will post the response here so that other users and investors can have a look and think again before investing in your business.


Hi subhani.0 , I’m seeing that you’re the only one who continues with this problem which seems strange to me.

I have received my (BOS) from the ICO without any problem and the BOS team has answered all my questions.

What you should do is contact the BOScoin team or Scott here and provide all the details of your participation in the BOScoin rewards and do not start doing FUD to tell investors to think before investing in BOScoin.

Please do not try to damage the BOScoin Community.


If you email i can tell you the details of your bounty and if you are on the list.


People see yourself the date when i shared details with the BOS coin team and now they are saying that i have not done all instructions before 10th January…too pathetic…see yourself


@subhani.01 I understand your frustration, but it sounds a bit odd to me that someone from the team told you that you needed to register before January 10. As far as I’m aware, it was nowhere announced that claim inquiries would be closed after January 10. I’m quite sure that you can still claim your BOS to this day.

If you can log in at with that same email address and your dashboard shows the correct bounty BOS that you have received, then something went wrong on the team’s part. Unfortunately, errors can occur, especially because the claim process is a manual process.

As @scott said, the fastest solution would be to send all necessary information and proof to Please do so and tag @scott in this post or in Slack to notify him so he can help you out.


I have already provided required info to your team…have you viewed this image i uploaded??? and viewed the date since when im trying to connect…unfortunately the reply from your team is fast now as its posted on website where people can view. But previously they didn’t bother to reply after their first reply…no body replied to any of my messages. The image uploaded by me is first screen shot…if i share the remaining details, u will see that nobody care to reply even i sent so many messages.


Wait a moment, first respect me and I am not a promoter paid by BOScoin and I know we are in 2018.

You should be expelled from the Forum for talking crazy things without meaning and disrespecting me and the BOScoin Community.

I demand that you apologize and stop doing FUD


it does not matter that nobody is talking to me, I do not believe the king of the world you should be silent and I spend respecting others.



We have confirmed no bounty application was submitted for this email address, and submitting a bounty application and requesting coins from the exact email address in our record is a requirement for receiving any bounty. We have distributed all bounty coins that are eligible.