[BEYOND BLOCKS] BOScoin out to change the financing world



Cool thanks. Just a heads up I noticed in the white paper 2, brittish English was used but before it was American English. That is recognize and recognise . Depending on your goals and Target market u might want to look at that.

I’d keep it the way it is if your target audience is UK and/or Australia.


Are you talking about the font of the writing? Talk about attention to detail :smile:


미친 씨발 성공적인 상장??? 미쳤냐 쓰레기들아 먼 성공적인 상장이야~~~ 사기 치는 것들이


Yes. The people translating the white paper to english are using British English, so instead of getting into grammer arguments and explaining the difference between British and American punctuation and spelling. i just go with the flow.


Thanks Scott, not ideal but makes sense


yes I know what you mean though. Took me little while to be comfortable with

“blah blah”, < comma placements outside the quotations :astonished: and some of the spelling differences. it’s all English in the end, and the team is based in Korea so proper English English is awesome.


Ok cool. Can’t wait for mainnet to launch so I can start staking.


Yes, mainnet is in Q4 2018. Just watch out for announcements, and we’ll get there.