Best ways to "advertise" to friends


We all are excited about BOScoin and the fact that it will be listed on exchanges soon. I myself am so excited I find myself talking about it with friends when discussing crypto, and specifically sharing my enthusiasm for BOScoin.

With that said, for people who only know crypto from the news or are only invested in major coins that grab headlines, how can I emphasize the uniqueness and promising future of BOS?

Maybe I’m just bad at, “pitching” BOS, but I truly feel like there should be more buzz even at these early stages. I may just not be talking to the right people, but anyways I wanted to hear the communities thoughts and/or ideas.

P.S. We should all be patient on the listing dates for exchanges like kucoin. The delay is frustrating, but I don’t see this being a negative for BOS in any way. Anticipation and excitement, in my opinion, will help BOS continue to thrive.


Here’s my long description of our project. The white paper tells people what our project is about. As we go into this year, I’m working on a public presentation on BOScoin for meetups, which will be freely available for anyone to download, and I’ll keep it updated. I’m still working on the first BOScoin meetup, and the upcoming Dallas Conference.

You can highlight some parts of this description you find really exciting, and talk about that. I haven’t started the meetups yet, but of course how we present the project to people with different level of knowledge is important.

BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform for Trust Contracts. Our approach to the problem of security vulnerabilities inherent in the language used to program and execute smart contracts is to apply a domain-specific language which can be read easily by the average user and can be demonstrated mathematically to be computationally decidable. Trust Contracts are securely executable contracts based on a decidable programming framework called Owlchain, which consists of the Web Ontology Language and the Timed Automata Language. This architecture is designed to expand expressive power while retaining decidability to support secure and precise execution of contracts. Trust Contracts will provide a decidable and approachable framework for creating and executing contracts on the blockchain. BOScoin constitutes a governance system whereby node operators referred to as the Congress Network can participate in creating and voting on proposals in order to continuously improve the software and ecosystem. System changing proposals that are voted on by the Congress Network and accepted are considered to have reached a social consensus, and the changes in the proposal are automatically applied to the network. Another type of proposal is a funding proposal which are requests for funds from the Commons Budget which are also voted on by the Congress Network. BOScoin sets aside a large public budget specifically for the development of the BOScoin ecosystem through these proposals called the Commons Budget. The Congress Network is the decision making body of the BOScoin platform which improves governance issues arising in decentralized organizations and helps the system continuously evolve into a more robust ecosystem. The Congress Network is aimed towards creating a more democratic and productive decision making process with an incentive scheme and issuance plan aimed towards creating value for the coin while deterring the centralization of power. The Modified Federated Byzantine Agreement (mFBA) consensus algorithm will allow for low latency transactions while being more energy efficient. Decentralized currencies in many cases tend to become speculative islands with limited real applications. We believe the value of a blockchain token is intrinsically tied to how useful it is, we will release the BOScoin platform with ready-made apps, and projects already in development accelerating our blockchain platform integration with the Internet of things (IoT), which will increase the transactional value of our token, and help to acquire new users. We aim to overcome many technical and operational issues inherent in many cryptocurrencies.


@scott is BOScoin already in the process of making new apps like delicracy and stardaq or are these just two examples that they hope will be replicated in private enterprise?
The above is a great breakdown of what BOScoin is striving to achieve but will you be breaking it up into segments to help other people doing meet ups around the world? This would be very helpful to either print out and pass around the room or project onto a screen in separate clips.


Depends on the audience. BOScoin has many things to offer to very different people:
-Its not just a single purpose coin, but a complete Crypto ecosystem, like ETH, EOS, NEO, Aeternity, Tezos, Lisk, etc. It is a multipurpose, multifunctional platform.
-Its governed by humans, btw. BOS stakeholders and not (only) the devs and intends to be self evolving.
-Its language of its smart contracts is easy to read and understand for non-devs. Means better public adoption than cryptic contract code.
-The reward model offers good returns and at the same time high holding levels of the coin = price stable or going up.
-The BOS contract processing engine is NOT Turing complete, but decidable in computing results. Means slim code and clear result outputs. BOS blockchain can’t hung up or be delayed by undecided processes.
-Fast network, no congestion problems like BTC or ETH.
-Extremely low TX-fees and adjustable by the congress if BOS should skyrocket.
-Several strategic partnerships with Cosmos, Humaniq, etc.
-Dedicated team.
-Foundation in Zug, Switzerland (if S.Koreas homeland Crypto laws may change for the worse)
And probably a lot more.


Appreciate the suggestions guys, truly. And Scott I’m excited for that presentation you are planning on creating. Again lots to be excited about ourselves, just want to spread that excitement!