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do you have a way to stop insider trading like to stop people from paying node operators to vote a certain way on their proposals?


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1 person 1 vote. but how will you control all those who have many anonymous wallets with one node each? Those will have more unfair advantage. They can vote many times for each wallet.(node)


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cold storage wallets? when will there be cold storage wallets. thats wallets i can set up without a internet connection. two will Boscoin make there own hardware wallet. Skycoin is a good example of a coin that is going to make there own Hardware wallet to sell to users. if not in the plans this should be something on the table to be considered as it will cost not much at all. its cheap tech


And Question number two will there be an application program or something to recruit a spokesperson for Boscoin. Boscoin need there own Roger Ver a public spokesperson to attend these events conferences etc.

And still why wasn’t Boscoin speaking at Deconomy this hasn’t been addressed properly yet. and worries me and many comunity members as its in Boscoins back yard.


Good morning payment completed i love boscoin

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a question for the voting system of the Congress.
1 vote 1 person, but we know that group nodes are being created, from 2 to more people, all of them must register from that node and all of them will be able to vote. or 1 node + 1 person = 1 vote. or
otherwise, it would be 1 node + 100 people = 100 votes for 1 node.
Will the congress affect? I already reflected on this before.
It is also known that many participate in many group nodes with an absolute majority in each, then this person who participates in many groups and in each group represents more than 50% of the node, it is as if he voted in duplicate.

Congress and Voting

There will be a control system for nodes and people. or swarms could be made.
better ((1or more nodes=1person)+(1vote=1person))


for the theme of the proposals, when one day we have 100 proposals per day, many of them are not interesting. will we have a filter to classify the proposals? or we will spend the day voting and analyzing proposals, which will be the minimum to present a project. What projects would we discard in the first place? Open an office that will discard proposals or we will vote on all of them? For me there is no problem but I would have to quit my job and work 100% with boscoin hahaha


Can you read the names of the people that asked the question during the AMA?


Question 1. Events why No show at Deconomy Why no show at consensus 2018 and why no show at big blockchain events.

Question 2. Why doesn’t Boscoin see events as important to attend

Question 3. What is Boscoins Plan if any to grow and build the comunity

  1. what is your strategy for mass adoption?in legal terms and dealing with competition?
  2. when boscoin says 1 person = 1 vote for a single node operator. how the platform can be sure
    that a third party haven’t purchased a lot of boscoin and running multiple nodes under different names(individuals) hence more voting power.
  3. how the platform can be sure that money been raised for projects wont be partially used for running nodes?
  4. with all the uprising entities around bos such as ARIST i didnt get a real idea of the status of the node operators except of providing network stability and a blurry concept of voting for things.please elaborate.