Ask Me Anything (AMA) Q&A Video clips by CTO Yezune Choi


AMA Preamble

  1. t-spark
    Will node software be supported and maintained for: Windows 7/10, Mac OS/iOS, Android 5/6/7, Linux (which version), other?
  1. t-spark
    Will combined btw. super wallets be available, where family members or friends or members of an investment club can combine their private wallets into 1 wallet with 1 public address?
  1. t-spark
    How does the BOS blockchain VirtualMachine deal with Oracles?
    Are they included or planned to be included in the future
    or does BOS rely on external (re)sources?
  1. t-spark
    Does BOS blockchain VM has an inbuilt RNG (random number generator) process
    or plans to have one in the future?
  1. miheico
    When do you plan to launch boscoin mainnet and testnet?

  1. t-spark
    Which new and creative security measures does BS blockchain VM has against network congestion or failure by some kind of DDoS or “Crypto Kitties” or programming/DAPPs mistake (don’t tell me that because BOS is faster as any other blockchain, it will not happen, because IT WILL HAPPEN without measures.)?
  1. t-spark
    Do you plan to implement measures to deal with frauds and steals?
    E.G. blocking accounts by congress vote or a delegated institution of the congress.
  1. t-spark
    Will BOS blockchain be able to have tokens like Ethereum with its ERC-20 token format or NEO with their token? Already some details available about it?
  1. kcp
    What is the benefit of keeping the development private?
  1. Heru
    How Delicracy and the other Dapp are developing actually?
  1. Heru
    Do you have public Test environnements we could use in order to help you to test the network and participate in Genesis dev !?
  1. Heru
    Do you plan to allow the community to allocate some fund for custom development using Boscoin like dApp before the congress is available?
  1. Heru
    We heard about a yellow paper being written soon. What are the main ideas the team want to put him?
  1. ice2424
    In my opinion, purse security is the most important problem. The system is too fragile right now. You will be hacked after you register the exchange. How can I keep my keys safe? I lost a lot of money hacking in myetherwallet. So it’s scary. Is there anything you can do?
  1. gomadosnitro
    Hi, are you going to get ledger nano s integrated in your web wallet? i think is a good point for people scared about store secret seeds, stellar arready integrated so i think will be a great boscoin update.
  1. keimado
    Documentation on OWL + TAL development to help developers to build DApps based on the Blockchain OS in order to start make good use of BOScoin. This would be good to have together with samples/snippets of code.
  1. BadBoymofo
    Question: is there a desktop wallet being considered to put in the dev timeline?
  1. t-spark
    How is the relationship of BOScoin with S.Korean universities?
    Does BOScoin cooperate with S.Korean universities?
    Is BOScoin subject to academic papers and works, graduate programs or doctorates?
  1. hidetousan2007
    BOS-coin made a business relationship with Cosmos on last May.
    I got BOS and Cosmos’s staking token,Atoms on last May.
    BOS-coin will be on Cosmoshub?
  1. jinhwanlazy
    Will the mainnet maintain backward compatibility to Stellar? e.g. builtin exchange, anchor or path payment. These are the core feature of Stellar network but never mentioned in your white paper.
  1. jeremycolombe
    Are developers considering implementing a live tracker of task being worked on and completion stats…EMC2 has a nice interface I think as a suggestion for what I mean.
  1. jinhwanlazy
    Do you still believe that Stellar’s FBA consensus algorithm is the best choice? There introduced number of different approaches, for example, IOTA’s tangle, Raiblock’s lattice model, and hashgraph. I believe you have had hard time to integrate trust contract into FBA. If it’s still true, maybe it’s good time to move on. It’s hard to compare though, cause they are not mature as Stellar. What do you think?

AMA 1 Closing Remark


The time schedule on Point 5 is very interesting.
This should be monthly updated by the team if they are in time or if there is a shift in a block, to show the community the actual stand!

Nice job :clap:t3:


Great job from CTO and BOS team!


You just ignored my most voted questions and answering least voted two. I’m happy with it though :laughing: I’m happy to see you talking.

I’m worried about Question 4. Such a RNG could be biased, could be manipulated by slowing down the network, or its low resolution could be a problem. I’m just guessing. Is there a proof that it will be fine?


Thanks you, this has been a very usefull AMA.
It appear it is a bigger project than expected and it seem you have been throught a lot of R&D.
KYC with insuring anonymity is a Killer feature for a Korean Blockchain, KAIST partnership and funding is a very good point too.

I hope regular tech ( once a month, like ADA by example ) will be done.

Thanks you again to let us know at wich point you are in development.


I think this was very informative and thanks for going to the effort, I look forward to this becoming a monthly event.
I will start writing down questions as I think of them


Thanks. :muscle::v::+1:


Thank You Yezune for the informative videos. So when do you think we are ready for running nodes for rewards?


yeah great job i think the greatest part was that the voices in the comunity where heard and Bos team has responded. will be great to see these videos every months to restore the faith of investors and to gain new interest


Great, informational videos! Thank you for taking the time to answer the community’s questions!


Today is a happy day, dev team has responded to a demand that was in the Boscoin community, now it is time to keep working hard and for the holders to reaffirm the confidence in this magnificent project.


thanks yezune, just what we were all waiting for. we hope to see you more often :sonriendo:


Very, VERY nice videos! thx a lot for all your answers and efforts!!!