Are there any plans to BOScoin traded on other exchanges?


Are there any plans to BOScoin traded on other exchanges?
Or, it would be nice if it was listed on the nearest Korean exchange.

BOScoin Founders! Do you have any other exchange listing plans?


As HitBTC currently sell IOU’s they will likely be amongst the first to trade BOScoin after they get their ICO coins, and now that BOScoin have handed out all their coins they can now let us know their plan of attack regarding getting listed in which exchanges……
However they will probably caution against mentioning which exchanges they have or have not been in touch with so not to damage their chances of getting listed going forward.


The team has contacted over 30 exchanges, but they haven’t shared any specific names except for HitBTC because they just want to be careful about it as it’s not set in stone because of several reasons. @Hankyeol said the following in Slack:

Regarding exchanges, we have never played hide and seek. I would be quite disappointed by anyone who would think we were not open about it. We have shared every information except for the names because there is big possibility that it can work against us.

Just to be clear, we are not trying to keep you in suspense guys. We’ve been in contact with the exchanges for months, and progress is just slow.

First, hitBTC needs to receive BOScoins just like you too. Second, they have not started working on their API yet.

This newsletter also stated the following

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, progress regarding exchanges has been slow and we plan to let the community know where to write and demand to list BOScoin. As you were probably aware, HitBTC will be the first platform where you will be able to trade BOScoin and cash deposits and withdrawals will be possible very soon. We have been in contact with the major exchanges for months now, and if we do not see a significant progress from the exchanges within a few days, we will let the community know.

I’m sure the team will come with more announcements as soon as they are able to.