Anniversary of icoBos investors


I wanted to thank you all, to be here one more year with all of you. I remember the nerves at the end of the countdown a year ago, in my case late at night, waiting for the last second, to send btc and arrive on time. We have spent times of nerves, impatience, optimism, disappointment, joy, sadness … and we are all here with a lot of desire and hope. friends, I am delighted to meet you and continue with all of you this illusion. I hope that in the future, everything goes well, we can afford a good party anywhere in the world and get to know each other.


for other years more!


One year already!
I like the idea of a party!


Yes we have definitely been through highs and lows, it has been nice to me new people why otherwise would not have met, let’s hope before the end of the year we have successfully tested TestNet so we can be running a node before the end of the year.
I also hope the team informs us of what steps they’ll put in place to grow the community and when they plan to start marketing.


It has been my pleasure discussing, learning, and riding this roller coaster with all of you. I hope we all have success and equally take this value proposition and seeking out and fufilling the BOScoin vision with you all as well.


Hey, if you take a look at nowadays ico list you will find too many scum projects, so you have to be careful. Check everything you can before you invest money in anything you want to invest.


true, that’s why after all this time, this ico, is still my favorite


Yes it is my favourite also.