Amaging transfer speed


Good afternoon from Tokyo, Japan.
I am 63 years old and May.10 2017, I could get Bos on ICO. with my son.
Last night, I made a transfer to my son,and transfer-back to me.
I’ts amaging speed of transfer.
Transfer speed was about 0.1~0.2sec.within a blink.


We aim to be a very fast tx platform, but actually it is mainly because we do not have so many transaction at the time :slight_smile: ! The actual network can hold around 35 tx/s


Yes I think this will be one of our key features that gets us ahead of the competition, as well as our Commons budget


well transfer speed will depend when the network get loaded with not many people using the network at the moment of course the speed will be good. but time will tell how well it scales scaling is a big problem and scaling will determine success but dont clap and think wow its just a fast network as no one is using it in big volumes at the moment remember bitcoin used to be relatively fast not its slow and expensive hence why I’m rolling with bitcoin cash. and remember ethereum a year ago fast now its slowing down as so many more users have adopted it. and ethereum devs are working every day to scale its one of the most important challenges all I’m saying is dont count your eggs before they hatch, down shoot your load before your partner climaxes.