A Marketing Opportunity not to be missed


Wow I was scrolling through you tube and came across this guys review of Boscoin.

In the video he goes on to say something along the lines of. “If the founders of Boscoin want to talk to me here I am” he is asking for the founders or someone from Boscoin to come on the show the guy has 65k subscribers this is free marketing you dont need to spend money on so no excuse. can one of the founders or team members please go on his show and let him know why Boscoin is worth its weight in the Blockchain world. Do it for the comunity free marketing is waiting.


This guy is a clown
As chef bedo would say “a larrikin”


yes but if he is offering to do an interview we should not shy away from it, even if it is via Skype. What do you think @scott?


Yeah also its the first video that comes up when you search Boscoin on you tube, probably depending on where you are. But when I search Bosocin its the first video. the guy is just uneducated about bos thats all do a interview he will than come around.


and secondly its basically free marketing. This is why there is so much marketing to do without spending a lot of money.


I’ve already reached out to this youtuber through several means, and have not received anything back. It is incredibly easy to reach me, and just because this guy says he will speak to us, doesn’t mean anything. I would do an interview with him, if he is interested.


All right cool I wasn’t aware you had reached out to him.


The is a discussion on this video from a month or two ago korean bbq or something like that. I even posted in the Youtube discussion and got no response either. Now we also will have direct competition from XRP to. They have brought back codius there smart contract arm and they are also going to do some form of public financing via there XPring initiative so we need to step up our game with our marketing. That how i feel at least. I can’t wait for mainnet to go live as it would be nice if we could start voting on marketing proposals now.


Dont worry ill message this guy till he agrees ill do it for the team.