A Dutch dedication website for BOScoin


Just after close of ICO we created a Dutch information website about BOScoin.
We share here the news of BOS and also show the latest graphs of the exchanges.

For Dutch people, be welcome to have a look at our website:



We are trying hard to keep it up to dare to the best of our ability, to further spread the Boscoin ecosystem


Let’s spread the word about Bosoin and Boscoin.nl


If anybody has suggestions what should be added to our website, please shout!


We published a review of Bosradar website. Check it out.



I can help with polish version of BOScoin site.
If you are interested, please contact.
I have experience in programming, desing, marketing - made many startups websites.


Right ok. However, it won’t make sense to put Polish language on a .NL domain.

I have other domain names who you might find interesting to use?