5 Times Cryptocurrencies Rocked South Korea In 2017



South Korean fintech company Blockchain OS issued the country’s first initial coin offering in May. An ICO of 50 million BOScoins through a Swiss-based foundation finished in nine minutes in exchange for 6,900 Bitcoins. The volume of the ICO attracted a lot of attention and interest in the scene from South Koreans.


It’s a shame icon has been given South Korea’s first digital currency title that would have been good


OMG How did that happen, Shouldn’t Boscoin get that title I dont get it?


The ICO BTC that Boscoin raised is now worth over 170 million and will probably be worth more in time depending on how much they have allready spent but correct me if I’m wrong isn’t that a lot of money for essentially for a start up?. @Chef_Bedo


Should be enough to raise a company I would say LOL


@Chef_Bedo well should be enough to hire a marketing team.


we have been told that there will be no marketing until we are on an exchange otherwise hitBTC will be the only person that walks away with more money, their IOU price went up after we won the competition so no reason to give them free marketing to raise their price more