2018.01.26 BOScoin Seoul Meetup content summary


January 26, 2018
[BOScoin Seoul Meetup! content summary]

1. Exchange listing

Three exchanges, including kucoin, have been settled, but cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality arrangements. One is under negotiation.

2. Kucoin listing delay reasons

Boscoin is a new token based on SCP. In the course of describing and explaining this technically, it has delayed the listing of kucoin, but now it is almost finished.

3. Opening BOScoin exclusive P2P exchange

We will open BOScoin Exchanges which will serve as escrow accounts so that Boscoin transactions can be carried out steadily and smoothly.

4. Main Net Related Strategy / Vision

We plan to develop the main net following the sequential roadmap including the BosLAB KAIST R & D Center, Public Financing matters, and white paper upgrade. As for Dapp, we want to make a responsible, step-by-step opening rather than a quick open source release.

5. Homomorphic Encryption: Fourth Generation Password

Seoul National University and KAIST team collaborate to improve technical perfection. This is the most sophisticated technology in the privacy market for anonymity identification along with the issue of revoking certificates. Dash, Monero, Z-cash, etc. are currently worth 14 bil USD. We will compete with them in the long run.

6. Partnerships with Certified Certificate Companies

This company is one of the world’s leading technology companies. CTO Mr. Choi, gave a lecture in front of professors at Seoul National University and got a good evaluation.

7. Announcing BOScoin white paper 2.0 in March

8. BOScoin Public Financing

It is a system that allows proposals of social and economic good ideas through the community proposal and approve them and proceed with new business. Of course, when the community judges that it can be more profitable than the increased supply, the community approves it. It is your decision to invest in BOScoin. Coins that provide these tools do not currently exist. Currently, we are applying IB related model.

9. BOSolar Project

We started with the intention to connect with real economy and not be a speculative coin. Currently, Web development and BOScoin’s self-pilot test succeeded. Currently, it is about P2P power trading method and it has nothing to do with KEPCO. We are looking for business partners and discussing technologies that can be attached to BOScoin.
ex) Sell electricity to BOScoin for households where there is electricity in the home where the power is saved by solar power generation (by the BOScoin system)

10. Other Additional Information

  1. Franz inc company / world-class AI company The best in ontology technology (Vice President of the company gave praise for white paper)
    : Meeting date with Franz company (various collaborative works will be discussed)
  2. Blockchain city project
    : Application of whole city as block chaining system
  3. Boscoin upgrades new features like app store market
    : Etherium comes with a new coin with ICO, but Boscoin evolves by adding new features.


I love it! Especially that privacy feature part. Keep coming guys! Let’s evolve!


I am involved with Solar Power in the U.S., in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

How can I help with the Boscoin BOSolar Project?

Please advise.



perfect, I’m glad to see how the project is expanding. Homomorphic encryption with the support of the kaist and the university . Bosolar …
and how the project likes companies and the university.


FYI: Seoul University & KAIST are the top institutions in Korea, are equivalent to Harvard and MIT in states.


Thanks to Jeremy Lin for such a nice translation!!!


It wasn’t Jeremy I am afraid. It was hw5153 :slight_smile: who is the current Korean telegram channel manager.


Oh, i see, I am sorry. Anyway, thanks a lot to the boscoin team for such a nice updates, and thanks to hw5153 for the delivering that news in English!


thanks hw5153, good job I saw the video but I could only guess with the images of the TV hahaha, another direct one will come out i hope your translation with desire


With all the real world uses (which is rare in a coin) this will make BOScoin very valuable and with great ideas like BOSolar that will have BOScoin circulating as a payment system for energy use I can only imagine what other applications and uses we will have for BOScoin in the future?


totally agree, this is the beginning, surely many new ideas with boscoin flavor will come out