2 Factor authentication


Any plans to implement 2FA? I like how steem, allows account recovery with a previous master password. Gives me a lot of peace of mind. Also with online wallets like btc.com and blockchain.info, they have google authenticator as 2 factor, so if someone gets your private key they can’t just drain your account. Also EOS has the account recovery like steem does. EOS will be a competitor to BOS.

I spent a lot of money on Etherium Hacking

Good idea and probably really needed when BOS gets more attention.
Hackers don’t sleep and it’s easy to copy the wallet page and create a new fake phishing website.

Am curious if the team is looking at this.


Yes you must always verify you are using the correct https://wallet.boscoin.io address. If you post your secret seed on a phishing website, then those coins will be moved by the phisher. Keeping your secret seed save and secure is so important.


Yes. When I look at openledger.io, they have implemented a complete wizard which you need to follow so you are aware that you are on the right website.

However, is 2FA still an option on the table that might get implemented?